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No doubt, you will definitely want to maximise the highest possible returns on your investment (property). However, this expectation may be made impossible by tenant(s) who may make you ‘sick’ by calling you at 12:00 am for one problem or the other. Or by prospective tenants who would make an appointment to see your vacant apartment and would not show up, leaving you sitting at the building for endless hours. You are also likely to be upset by the task of collecting rents and paying bills on your property to the extent that you will decide to sell off the building before it appreciates significantly.

Certainly, you can avoid falling into these situations by engaging the services of a professional property manager.


>To oversee and superintend the management of the property and perform all acts that is necessary or expedient for the above management

>To ensure good and responsible tenants in the building and or maintain the sitting tenants therein.

>To collect rents and issue appropriate rent receipts

>To remit rents collected from the tenants within a reasonable time of its collection in any manner prescribed by the client

>To conduct quarterly routine inspection of internal and external facilities to ensure their proper use by the tenants.

>To ensure that all necessary repairs of damaged facilities observed during inspection are carried out by responsible tenants within a reasonable period of time.

>To carry out repairs of any defect on the building after securing approval of the client.

>To maintain the original design of the property and prevent irrational alterations by tenants.

>To send quarterly report on property managed to the client

>To keep accounts of income & expenditure on the properties

>To issue letters of demand/quit notices to tenants; depending on the situation intended to deal with

>To represent client in any case of court action or litigation for recovery of possession from defiant tenants and thereby ensuring that such tenant(s) are ejected from the building.

>To perform any other assignment given to us concerning the building from time to time.